Decision Ready Data Solutions Inc. ("DRD")



DRD is a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for its clientele including Homeowners, Contractors (including Handymen and Specialists), and Industry Professionals which include, but are not limited to, appraisers, banks, government agencies, Realtors and many more. 


HMFacts has three separate and distinct portals wherein DRD offers products and services for  Homeowners, Contractors and Industry Professionals.


Homeowners:  DRD currently offers products and services to its homeowner clientele to assist in educating and providing the necessary information to protect their largest assets, their home and family.  DRD provides these products and services through the Homeowner’s Cost Guide, Contractor’s Network, a suite of insurance products and much more.  In addition, DRD will be providing discounted products and services through its partners and participating vendors so that a homeowner can access any items offered through this portal.


Contractors:  DRD allows participating contractors to be become part of a revolutionary type of contractor’s network which includes advertising in zip code specific and/or county areas, accessing  contractor’s web-based estimating tools.


Industry Professionals:  DRD provides tools and reports that meet and/or exceed compliance guidelines in all areas relating to the housing industry.    These tools and reports assist professionals in completing their tasks more expediently and accurately.  DRD’s tools and reports are powered by a 46 year established company and nationally recognized data provider, Bluebook International.


Assisting homeowners, contractors and industry professionals is not a small venture.  With over 91 million homes and millions of contractors and industry professionals in the United States, DRD does not waver in its commitment of ‘at your finger tip’ information.  As such, DRD’s technology partner provides HMFacts an infrastructure capable of serving millions of users simultaneously.

With today’s volatile market, DRD, through, has found a way to bring three separate groups to one place, thereby, allowing each target market an ability to easily find, locate, obtain or hire those products and services without leaving domain.